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For anyone in the Granite Bay/Folsom/Rocklin/Roseville area of Norcal, Granite Bay High School is doing a production of Romeo and Juliet set in the 1920s (basically Romeo and Juliet Gatsby style!). If you like theatre or are just looking for something cool to do, the show is incredible and has an…

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So the most depressing thing happened to me the other day…

Well I’m in the process of converting one of my friends into a Directioner….she’s coming along nicely but there is still much she needs to learn. She’s a Harry girl. So at school, I was talking to my other *Directioner* friend and I was like

Me: “Yeah I’m turning (friend’s name) into a Directioner!”

Her: “That’s great!!”

Me: “I know! She’s a Harry girl!”

Her: “Oh that’s good; he’s the only attractive one! Well Neil’s sort of hot too.”

I just kind of stood there feeling betrayed. 


I went to church with my family tonight and the pastor said something that I think every Christian should hear
Pastor: Now, according to a few passages in the bible, homosexuality is a sin.
Couple of older males in the audience: Amen!
Pastor: Now, wait, I'm not finished.
Pastor: You know what else the bible defines as a sin? Divorce.
-uncomfortable silence-
Pastor: There are countless passages that talk about how divorce is wrong, and that there are consequences to getting a divorce, such as the wife should be stoned.
Pastor: Yet, I witnessed a divorce just this morning. And I gotta tell you, it was heartbreaking, but I definitely didn't attempt to throw rocks at the wife, even though she was the one who filed for divorce.
Pastor: We choose to overlook the consequences of divorce because time has proven that they're inhumane and cruel.
Pastor: The bible doesn't say anything about the consequences of a homosexual lifestyle. Yet, we seem to be spearheading a campaign to ruin the lives of people we don't even know.
-the pastor shifts a few notes around-
Pastor: The bible states to love thy neighbor. That's it. There are no other rules or restrictions to that passage.
Pastor: So, we as a church family have to support equality with a smile on our face. THAT is the true Christian way.
Just worried about y’all not stretching enough. Carry on now.

Just worried about y’all not stretching enough. Carry on now.


Go Liam!

TO the Directioners who crashed Greg Horan’s wedding.

You should be ashamed of yourselves. How can you call yourselves Directioners and then go and do something like that?! It was such a selfish move I can’t even believe it. Did you ever stop and think about who you might hurt? For one, Greg and Denise. It was their WEDDING. They will only ever have one wedding to share and remember. It was supposed to be about THEM, not you. Secondly, the Directioner fandom. We’re supposed to be a FAMILY, but how can we be a family if some of you go off and pull selfish stunts and leave the rest of us feeling guilty and embarrassed? Did you ever think about how you might hurt the rest of us Directioners, making us feel horribly guilty even though we did nothing wrong? No, of course you didn’t. Finally, our precious Nialler. He thinks this is all his fault and that he ruined his brother’s wedding. He didn’t; YOU did. Aren’t the point of fans supposed to be to love and support our boys? Not hurt them while only thinking of ourselves. Making Niall suffer for sharing his voice with us is disgusting. He gave us a gift with every note he’s ever sung, every interview he’s ever sat through, dealing with the hate and still putting a smile on his face to come out and greet his fans. And what did you do for him in return? Made him feel awful, and guilty. Made him feel like he was responsible for your actions by ruining his brother’s wedding. 

How can you call yourself a Directioner after all that?

I see no difference

I see no difference

A letter our Hazza wrote to Anne when he was little…is he not the cutest thing ever?!

A letter our Hazza wrote to Anne when he was little…is he not the cutest thing ever?!